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How does the QR code technology work?

QR code is an image that contains text. This text is recognized by QR code scanners and according to some predefined text marks the scanner can automatically display web page or start playing a video. The technical details can be found on en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code or http://www.denso-wave.com/qrcode/index-e.html.

What are error correction levels good for?

QR codes were originally meant to be used outside. For this reason 4 error correction levels were defined to improve the resistance of QR codes. With the lowest error correction level (L) QR code can loose up to 7% of its surface, with the medium error correction level(M) QR code can loose up to 15% of its surface, with the quality error correction level(Q) QR code can loose up to 25% of its surface and with the highest error correction code QR code can loose up to 30% of its surface. iQR codes sets the high error correction automatically when user inserts logo.

How does the highlighting control points improve readability?

QR code scanner needs these control points (alignment patterns) to recognize a QR code in a picture. Every time there are 3 control points which make QR code successfully recognized by QR scanner. iQR codes recognize these control points as primary points. Besides the primary points there are also smaller control points which appear with more text. These are called secondary control points. To make sure a QR code is recognized we recommend to use darker colors for primary and secondary control points.

How to make sure that the code is readable?

We did several tests and all scanners failed if one of the primary control points was damaged or covered. To prevent this do not put any image over these control points. The most popular iPhone QR reader  does not recognize any QR code if the bottom right control point is covered or damaged. iQR codes for this reason does not allow to change position of the logo. It is also important point to use darker colors for code and brighter colors for background.

What colors do we recommend to choose?

We recommend to use darker colors for code and brighter colors for the background. This rule applies also for the gradients.

How to begin using iQR codes?

1.Open our application. 2.Select one of the predefined tabs (Phone, SMS, Location, WWW, Contact, Calendar or Plain text) 3. Write some text into fields 4.(optional) customize the look of QR code by selecting the "Customize" tab. We recommend you to read our tutorial "How to make beautifully designed iQR code" where you can find related information.

How to customize QR code?

The most right tab item allows you to select several customization options. You can change the predefined look of QR code by selecting one of the pixel styles. At each pixel style you can modify the roundness of pixels by moving the corner radius slider. Another option is to choose color or gradient. At this tab you can also select "Drop shadow" options. If you customize your QR code we highly recommend to highlight control points to make sure your QR code is correctly recognized by most QR code scanners. With the "Pixel resolution" slider you can increase the size of QR code. Current size with borders is displayed in the bottom-right corner. More information can be found in our tutorial "How to make beautifully designed iQR code". Don't forget to test your new QR code using various popular QR code scanners.

What QR code scanners do we recommend to use for testing purposes?

iPhone - QR reader for iPhone, Scan and Neoreader. Android - Barcode scanner, Nokia - Neoreader

How to avoid wrong usage of QR code.

A QR code that contains a WWW link should not be used on places where there is no network or internet coverage. The content on web will be accesed by mobile browser. Make sure it is correctly displayed on mobile browser. Use darker colors for your QR code and make sure your code is readable by the most popular QR scanners.

Who uses QR codes?

According to 2011 statistics QR codes were mostly used in print media to enhance the advertisements experience or to simply direct readers to related discussions. QR codes were also extensively used on business cards.

What is URL Batch processing?

URL Batch Processing generator saves your time when you need to create multiple customized QR codes. With this In-App feature you can insert up to 1 000 web links. After hitting  "Execute" button iQR takes care about the rest. If you do not like the  pre-filled filenames you can copy your own from textile. (Plain text with newline or any spreadsheet). For more detailed info you can see URL Batch processing in action in our tutorial section.