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Dynamic QR code tutorial

How to create Dynamic QR codes?

  1. Select "qr4.at" shortening service. If you already have a website you can insert it to the large text field.
  2. Hit the shorten button. In a few seconds there should be new shortened  "qr4.at" website.
  3. Hit the history button to see manage link for the new dynamic website.
  4. Customize & save or print new QR code. 
  5. Insert manage URL link from step 3 into web browser.
  6. View basic statistics or change destination website anytime.
  7. Always make sure that your printed QR code points to "qr4.at" website.

Dynamic QR Code 2

How to save your QR code in CMYK colorspace

If yoo want to preserve CMYK colorspace in your QR code,
you have to use CMYK colors when you are "painting" your code.

If you save your QR code in PDF format and you have used CMYK colors,
they will be preserved also in saved file.

How to make beautifully designed QR code?

iQR codes
  1. Open iQR codes application.
  2. Select WWW tab.
  3. Copy&paste web link.
  4. Shorten the web link.
  5. Select "Customize" tab.
  6. Change "Pixel style" to "SEPARATED".
  7. Move "Corner radius" slider a bit to right.
  8. Select "RADIAL GRADIENT" under Pixel/Foreground color.
  9. Choose 2 darker colors.
  10. Select "RADIAL GRADIENT" under Background color.
  11. Choose 2 brighter colors.
  12. Select YES under Drop shadow.Customized QR code
  13. Select "Primary and secondary Control Cotrol Points" under "Highlight control points".
  14. Change color next to "Highlight control points" to dark one.
  15. Drag&Drop logo with transparent background.
  16. Resize the logo.
  17. Test your QR code with most popular QR scanners.

Logo in QR codeHow to make sure that QR code is readable with inserted logo.

With insertion of logo we are damaging the QR code. However QR codes have self repair technology called error correction. There are four levels of error correction. The higher correction level, the larger QR code. But with higher level you can use larger logo.

Error correction levels:
  1. Low (L) - 7% can be covered by logo
  2. Medium (M) - 15% can be covered by logo
  3. High (Q) - 25% can be covered by logo
  4. Ultra High (H) - 30% can be covered by logo

QR code Batch Processing URL batch processing generator- copying URL and filename list from spreadsheet

In an URL batch processing window, you can easily copy a list of URLs and filenames from spreadsheet document. There is also possibility to copy list from text document. Every line of text document should contain a link, blank-space character (tab or space) and filename. When filename is not written in your document, it will be replaced with strings qr_0001, qr_0002...

QR code Batch Processing Location

QR code - Facebook likeHow to generate QR code with Facebook like, Pinterest Pin (or other social media actions)?

Social media action, e.g Facebook "likes", Twitter "statuses", Pinterest "repins" or Foursquare "check-ins" are nothing more than internet links. To create QR code with mentioned actions use iQR codes application and select "WWW" tab. Insert internet link according to following guidelines:


Facebook like on http://www.facebook.com/iqrcodes 
Insert into iQR codes: "http://www.facebook.com/plugins/like.php?href=http://www.facebook.com/iqrcodes"


Twitter status "Hello"
Insert into iQR codes: "http://twitter.com/home?status=hello"


Pinterest PIN on http://pinterest.com/pin/177681147769010240/
Insert into iQR codes:  "http://pinterest.com/pin/177681147769010240/repin"


Foursquare Check-In on some Coffee venue with id "49e644c6f964a5202f641fe3"
Insert into iQR codes: "http://foursquare.com/venue/49e644c6f964a5202f641fe3"

How do I find Web Safe colors?

QR code websafe colors

Some internet browsers do not show the colors the same as they are stored in image. If you want to use your QR code for WEB purposes you should make sure that you use Web Safe Colors.
  1. Select color within the customize tab.
  2. Select the "Color palettes" tab within the colors panel.
  3. In the menu select the Web Safe option.

Make your Valentine’s Day gifts stand out.

Create unique experience with our Valentine's Day style. Attach QR code created by iQR codes to your greeting card or a gift and surprise your darling. If you are far away from your sweetie just record valentine video message and make iQR code web link that is pointing to this video. Once QR code is scanned the video will play immediately. This is one example of impressive way to express your feelings. If you feel alone and you would like to meet someone new just create valentine QR code with message and your contact (e.g. twitter name) and put it on crowded place.

Valentine QR codeSome examples of text to put into "Plain text" tab in the iQR codes:
  1. I Love YOU.
  2. Be My Valentine.
  3. My BABY.
  4. You Rock My World.
  5. Happy Valentine's Day.
  6. I Miss You.
  7. You' re My Sweetheart.
  8. Will You Be My Valentine?
  9. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet, And so are you.
  10. Roses are #FF0000, Violets are #0000FF, all my base are belong to you.
  11. root(-1) (heart) U.
  12. I love you more than twitter.

Custom QR code resolution

How to create smooth QR code with your own custom resolution (size).

The best looking QR code you can get using "Pixel resolution" at the "Customize" tab. However if you need other resolution you can enter it in Save panel. iQR codes offers users to set their custom output resolution of bitmap image file up to 3000px.
To avoid pixels mismatch we strongly recommend to use resolution that can be divided by increment (taken from pixel resolution).

1. Mark down the current resolution.
2. Increase/decrease value in "Pixel resolution" slider under the "Customize" tab.
3. Check the new resolution.
4. If you subtract these resolution you will get an value that is called increment.
5. Use your own custom resolution that can be divided by this increment value.

SVG vector file format savingHow to create smooth QR code with PDF or SVG vector file format.

You can easily save your QR code in PDF or SVG vector file format. In the save panel in "file type" dropdown menu select *.pdf / *.svg option. You are also able to insert your PDF or SVG vector logo in a QR code (drop logo file just like another image).

Render Vector ImageHow to make QR code larger than 3 000 x 3 000 px limit.

QR codes that are going to be used on large surfaces e.g. printing ads should be saved at higher resolution. For this purpose feel free to save your QR code in PDF or SVG vector file format. With this file you can use free vector image editors such as GIMP or INKSCAPE to create QR code at custom resolution .